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[GCED in Action] First manual on MIL & GCED for youth has been created in Mongolia
  • 07/10/21


The side effects of media illiteracy (online hate speech, disinformation, media violence, etc.) have a negative impact on the passion of becoming global citizens for Mongolian youth aged 16-25 and it affects their behavior and decision making process. Lack of media regulation and access to non-formal education are exacerbating these problems.

In order to tackle these problems, Nominmaa, alumni of APCEIU’s 7th Global Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED, and her team implemented the “Check Check” project in Mongolia for MIL & GCED between August and October 2021.

The “Check Check” project aims to raise awareness about GCED and MIL through learning opportunities including manual and short-term training to make people more educated and passionate about global citizenship and GCED. Under the framework of the project, Nominmaa and her team set two main goals of training 22 targeted young people, allowing them to be youth ambassadors to promote MIL and GCED in their local community and to create a manual on MIL and GCED with youth ambassadors.



Between August 16 and 20, Nominmaa and her team organized the “Youth Ambassadors Program”. The program began with the selection of the best 22 participants from 21 Aimag and Ulaanbaatar city. Participants were instructed to watch a self-paced online course named “GCED101: Introduction to GCED” on the GCED Online Campus for the first 2 days, and they attended guest speakers’ training on related topics in the last 4 days. Then, participants shared what they learned with a hundred target audiences after an online training session.

The majority of participants were satisfied with their course and motivated to prepare their own advocacy work, which was an amazing outcome of the program. In addition, Nominmaa and her team found that the Youth Ambassadors Program increased the knowledge of the 22 selected participants from 60 to 70 percent. Furthermore, the program has directly impacted about 500 people online, with more than 600 people who have read the manual online so far.

Participants stated that they could spread the ways to prevent issues stemming from media illiteracy and encourage young people to participate in GCED and global citizenship through this project. Ambassador Angarag added: “By participating in this program, I will not only be able to learn more about Media Literacy but, I decided to start a project to promote MIL & GCED for my community in the future.”



After the successful implementation of the project, Nominmaa expressed that although she has never taken any initiatives in the field of media literacy or Global Citizenship Education, the outcome of this project has amazed her. As a result of the project, Nominmaa and her team affected 2,000 people online in the target group. They plan to expand this small initiative to a global project that reaches out to young people around the world who are in need of knowledge, not just those in Mongolia. To do this, they will focus on research for the next few months.



Project socials of the “Check Check” project are available at the links below:



Manual: Manual in English and Mongolian) can be downloaded here