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Successful Completion of the 2nd Round GCED Curriculum Development and Integration Project with Kenya, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, the Philippines
  • 26/11/21


The 2nd Round of Global Citizenship Education (GCED) Curriculum Development and Integration Project has been successfully completed. GCED Curriculum Development and Integration Project is a three-year project that aims to mainstream the GCED into each country’s educational system by developing GCED integrated national curriculum and/or teaching and learning materials. This year, 2nd Round countries, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Kenya and the Philippines, finalized the expected outputs and built a concrete platform for sustainable implementation of the project. On this occasion, APCEIU held a final presentation of the GCED Curriculum Development and Integration Project from November 17 to 19 with representatives from 2nd Round countries. The participants shared their final outcomes, wrapping up the three-year project. Representatives from 3rd Round countries, including Lao PDR and Rwanda, and representatives from UNESCO member countries such as Bhutan also joined the event and enhanced their networks.

This year, through pilot testing and validation, each country finalized their outputs, including GCED embedded national curriculum and teaching and learning materials (e.g., curriculum guide, manuals for teachers, GCED Lesson Exemplars). Finalized materials will be authorized by each country’s Ministry of Education and distributed nationally. Furthermore, participating countries enhanced the capacity on GCED of their key stakeholders and teachers through capacity building workshops. They are also striving to continuously promote and mainstream GCED into their education system by establishing a sustainable implementing mechanism.



Furthermore, in the final presentation, representatives from GCED Curriculum Development Committees of 2nd round countries, including Center for Educational Research and Development (Lebanon), National Institute of Education (Sri Lanka), Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), Philippine Normal University (PNU) also shared their knowledge and key materials with each other and strengthened their partnerships.



Participating countries have created meaningful results even though they have faced challenges like COVID-19, and they all strongly agreed that GCED has greater meaning and importance under the pandemic. Ms Jeongmin Eom, Head of the Office of Research and Development of APCEIU, stressed the fact that all participating countries have drawn successful results and hoped to continuously communicate and share the outcomes through the GCED Curriculum Development and Integration online platform to be launched early next year.