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APCEIU Publishes English Version of Its 20-Year History “Learning with Global Citizens towards a Culture of Peace”
  • 16/12/21

The Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding under the auspices of UNESCO (APCEIU) published an English version of the 20-year History, “Learning with Global Citizens towards a Culture of Peace”, containing a summary of its experiences and activities over 20 years. In celebration of its 20th anniversary on 25 August 2020, APCEIU had published a Korean version of this anniversary publication. These anniversary publications of the 20-year history are products of efforts to chronicle APCEIU’s history and reflect on the achievements and limitations of its activities while exploring the direction it should head towards; and it describes the process of APCEIU’s establishment, the dynamic period during which it formed institutional foundations, as well as APCEIU’s current state, performing a globally central role in the enhancement and expansion of Global Citizenship Education.

The English version of the 20-Year History consists of a preface, including a foreword and congratulatory remarks, and a main body of three parts. In the foreword, Director Lim Hyun-mook emphasizes the need to re-establish the role of Global Citizenship Education that better befits the unstable world the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about and expresses his pleasure of sharing this with various partners around the world through the English version of the 20-year history. Director-General of UNESCO Audrey Azoulay, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education of the Republic of Korea Yoo Eun-hae, and Chairperson of the Governing Board of APCEIU Kang Soon-won shared their congratulatory messages for the 20th anniversary of the establishment of APCEIU.

The main body restructured the Korean version of the publication into three sections.

Part 1. Chronicle of Growth of APCEIU: From Its Inception to Maturity

Part 2. Retrospective and Prospective Reflections

Part 3. Interviews


Part 1 abridged and translated Parts 1 and 2 of the Korean version. It illustrates the process of APCEIU’s growth from preparation stages prior to its establishment, the process of building institutional foundations, to its current form as an institution specializing in Global Citizenship Education.

Part 2 edited and translated Part 3 of the Korean version, written by Heads of Offices and staff of APCEIU, and categorized APCEIU’s programmes and activities into four areas (capacity-building, research and development, publication and information, and exchanges and cooperation) to self-reflect on APCEIU’s activities over the last 20 years and set agendas for the future.

Part 3 includes special interviews with the 15th Secretary-General of the Korean National Commission for UNESCO Kwon Tai-joon, who holds APCEIU in a special place in his heart, and former Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova.