The English version of the 20-Year History of APCEIU “Learning with Global Citizens towards a Culture of Peace”
  • 12-16

The Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding under the auspices of UNESCO (APCEIU) published an English version of the 20-year History, “Learning with Global Citizens towards a Culture of Peace”, containing a summary of its experiences and activities over 20 years. In celebration of its 20th anniversary on 25 August 2020, APCEIU had published a Korean version of this anniversary publication. The English version of this publication consists of diverse pieces of writing and images describing APCEIU’s efforts over the last 20 years to promote Education for International Understanding and Global Citizenship Education in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, reflections by programme area, and future tasks moving forward.


Foreword – Lim Hyun-mook

Congratulatory Remarks – Audrey Azoulay

Congratulatory Remarks – Yoo Eun-hae

Congratulatory Remarks – Kang Soon-won


Part 1. Chronicle of Growth of APCEIU: From Its Inception to Maturity

1. Establishment of APCEIU

2. Bolstering Legal and Institutional Foundations of APCEIU

3. Growth of APCEIU


Part 2. Retrospective and Prospective Reflections


Chapter 1. Capacity-Building

1. Introduction

2. Evolution of Multinational Training Programmes in Pursuit of Systematization, Diversification, and Increase in Multiplier Effects

3. Country-Based Capacity-Building Programmes for Practices

4. Capacity-Building through Experiences, Exchanges, and Outreach

5. Conclusion and Future Tasks


Chapter 2. Research and Development

1. Introduction

2. Research for Policy Development

3. Research for Development of Training Manuals

4. Research for Establishment of Academic Foundation

5. International Joint Research

6. Conclusion and Future Tasks


Chapter 3. Publication and Information

1. Introduction

2. Publication of SangSaeng and Best Practices for Development and Dissemination of EIU

3. Hub of Information and Resources on GCED: UNESCO Clearinghouse on Global Citizenship Education

4. Development of Teaching-Learning Materials for Learning to Live Together

5. Enhancing International Understanding and Fostering Global Citizenship Through Photos, Experiences, and Multimedia Contents

6. Conclusion and Future Tasks


Chapter 4. Exchanges and Cooperation

1. Introduction

2. Exchanges and Cooperation with UNESCO Member States

3. Exchanges and Cooperation with UNESCO and its Extensive Networks

4. Cooperation with Regional and International Organizations

5. Exchanges and Cooperation with Academia and Civil Society

6. World’s Only Network for Global Citizenship Education

7. Conclusion and Future Tasks


Part 3. Interviews

1. Interview with Kwon Tai-joon

2. Interview with Irina Bokova