2022 Study on Monitoring of GCED in South Korea
  • 01-10


Publication Language: Korean (with an English summary)

The APCEIU research project on monitoring GCED in South Korea aims to develop a framework and tools to effectively monitor implementation efforts to achieve SDG 4.7 in South Korea while providing some monitoring results in selected domains. In particular, the 2022 study seeks effective ways to monitor the implementation of SDG 4.7 in three areas: education policy, teachers' competency in global citizenship education, and learners' global citizenship competency. To this end, the present study analyzes the policies of the Metropolitan and Provincial Offices of Education (MPOEs) by using the conceptual framework and indicators grounded in SDG 4.7.1 and further developed and modified for South Korean contexts. Together with six GCED-related thematic areas and monitoring tools developed through previous APCEIU projects, the study explores the level of policy integration of GCED and their gestures across MPOEs. To overcome the limitations of input indicators alone, the study also develops sets of indicators and questionnaires to measure teachers' competencies for GCED and the level of learners' global citizenship competencies, which may unravel what would contribute to the process of the learning outcomes.


While the final report is available only in Korean, it contains an English summary. The English translation of the survey questionnaires in the annex will be made available online in early 2023.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Implementation of GCED in policy area: An analysis of organizational support and policy programmes of 17 MPOEs

Chapter 3. Measurement tools for teachers' GCED competency: Development of survey questionnaire

Chapter 4. Measurement tools for learners' global citizenship competency: Development of survey questionnaire

Chapter 5. Conclusion


Annex  1. Survey questionnaire for teachers' GCED competency

            2.  Survey questionnaire for learners' global citizenship competency

            3. The result of the construct validity of the survey questionnaire for learners