Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange for Global Education 2022 Final Report
  • 02-01

The Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange for Global Education (APTE), which has been in place since 2012, marks its 10th anniversary this year. APTE had been conducted according to the existing programme execution system and flow chart until 2019.

However, the Office of International Teacher Exchange (ITE) focused on online exchange due to the pandemic crisis. This year’s APTE programme followed last year’s online formula and presented a new direction for utilization even post-pandemic. These efforts are expected to enhance global educational competencies for a more sustainable Global Citizenship Education.



<Part 1: Programme Report>

1. Programme Overview

2. Programme Content

3. References


<Part 2: Activity Reports and Photos>

1. Activity Reports by Teachers

2. Photo Collections of Online APTE

3. Photos of Networking Day

4. Challenge Event for Commemorating 10th APTE Anniversary