Street Dialogue Project 2022
  • 02-09

This report shares the overview of the nine teams'  Street Dialogue Project summary, methodologies used, lessons and takeaways, some quotes from the community, and future plans each team holds as the next steps.

In 2022, 11 teams of young leaders from across the world participated in the Street Dialogue Project organized by APCEIU in collaboration with GCED Youth Network.

The Street Dialogue Project is an initiative that seeks to engage youth and members of their communities in relevant conversations in public spaces where everyone can interact, share and learn with each other. The Project was designed with an aim of sparking open discussion on global and local issues in different corners of the world led by young leaders, which serves as an empowering process for them to facilitate public conversation on the issues with meaningful interaction with their own community.

The selected youth alumni of APCEIU were trained over the course of three months and worked with their team members to design their own projects, ensuring the dialogues they would facilitate would be relevant and engaging for members of their communities.

APCEIU plans to continue to train youth leaders on civic discussion for action so that they can better serve and lead their community as facilitators and innovative changemakers at local and global levels.